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A taste of recognition

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The challenge

For packaged food companies, grocery shelf space is at a premium. For up-and-coming healthy snack brands, winning the battle for supermarket real estate is a significant challenge. That’s why a 2-year-old healthy snack start-up approached Kimball Hughes Public Relations to raise its profile. With positive stories about the company in supermarket trade publications, the general media and food and healthy snack blogs, the company hoped to demonstrate it was a brand on the rise.

The solution

Kimball Hughes created a plan to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s founder and her young family as the essential element of the brand. The messaging reinforced what consumers already knew: the product line’s good-for-you ingredients and great taste had a ready-made and enthusiastic audience. It merely needed visibility and shelf space to reach that audience.

Within five months of working with Kimball Hughes, the product was featured in:

  • WholeFoods Magazine
  • Progressive Grocery Magazine
  • Convenience Store Decisions
  • Entrepreneur magazine
  • LUCKY magazine
  • NJBiz
  • The Times of Trenton
  • The Stepford Guide
    …and others

Before working with Kimball Hughes, the product was in approximately 300 grocery stores. By the end of May 2014, that number had grown to more than 700.

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