Case Studies

Fighting fake news for a trusted email provider

The Challenge
It was a case of the rumor mill run amok. FastMail, an international provider of email and communications tools based in Australia, had voiced its opposition to a hotly debated piece of telecommunications legislation known as the AABill. The bill would have no direct impact on their product offerings—but they were concerned about the implications for the Australian tech industry as a whole.

This messaging took on a life of its own in the national conversation over the bill. Rumors began to fly that FastMail would leave Australia if this bill became law. A proud Australian company, FastMail tapped Kimball Hughes PR to help set the record straight.

The Solution
Working on a tight timeline, we created a multi-pronged communications campaign that would reach FastMail’s customers and the public with a clear message: FastMail is here to stay. We issued a statement to the media and created social media messaging, customer communications and a blog post to reinforce that message.

The results were swift and decisive. Two publications corrected headlines that had claimed FastMail was fleeing Australia. The company received positive media coverage about their advocacy around the AABill. The FastMail team was able to reassure customers via Twitter with messaging at their fingertips, even incorporating related messaging into their blog. In other words, public perception and sentiment reflected what FastMail knew all along—they were a deeply committed part of the growing Australian tech industry.

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