Crisis Communications

A crisis can be the most significant test for any organization, especially with the speed and global reach of today’s media coverage and the instant response of social media. As experts in crisis management, we help you respond quickly and appropriately to all of your publics through:

  • Comprehensive crisis management plans that prepare management and staff for a wide range of contingencies.
  • Consulting services that provide you with fast and evolving strategies needed to meet the demands faced by your organization.
  • A 24-hour crisis response service to help you communicate with the media, your communities, your customers, governments and investors, as well as social media communities.
  • Evaluation and follow-up to restore or enhance your image post-crisis.

Data Breach Planning and Response

With data breaches emerging in recent years as a leading risk for businesses of all types, we have carved out a specialty developing crisis communications plans and response specifically geared towards these potential crises. Working with other breach experts, we join breach response teams to handle media relations, social media and other communications, as well as assisting in stakeholder notification.

A Specialty in Organizations Serving Children

Since 1997, agency president Gary Kimball has led a national crisis response service for AMSkier Insurance that has helped hundreds of children’s camp directors, private school owners and youth travel programs prepare for and respond to crises affecting their populations. These crises have ranged from abuse cases and natural disasters to public health threats and loss of life.

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